Something’s Rotten in the State of Quality Presentation

This is a presentation Katherine Andersen and I have done.  See others at Past Presentations.


Something’s Rotten in the State of Quality


Developers, do you really trust QAs when they find a “bug”? QA folks, do you believe that developers have tested their work before they hand it over? You may identify with this atmosphere of contention surrounding QA. But there’s one underlying question for every team: are we building a quality product?

The definition of quality should go beyond a list of test cases executed against requirements. From the father of the quality revolution, Edward Deming, to the work of Martin Fowler and Mike Cohn, we’ll lay a theoretical groundwork for what quality is, then we will showcase these definitions with examples. We’ll end with specific activities along the software development life cycle that actually help assure quality. You’ll take away what it truly means to assure quality as well as ways to start putting it into practice.

If you’re a developer, project manager, product owner, BA, or QA tester, this talk is for you.


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