Stop Iteration Bait and Switch Presentation

This is a presentation Katherine Andersen and I have done. See others at Past Presentations.


Stop Iteration Bait and Switch


Have you ever worked on an agile project where you were pressured to get something out the door? Maybe you were told “it doesn’t have to be perfect,” “this is agile,” or “we will iterate on it.” The next thing you know you have a handful of half-baked features shipped, mountains of features ahead of you, and nowhere in sight is that promised opportunity to iterate.

Agile has the good intentions of encouraging iterative and incremental development but how to accomplish that can feel far from intuitive. Without understood practices, iteration doesn’t occur and the product ends up shipping as is. In this talk a pragmatic duo will breakdown what it truly means to build a product iteratively and incrementally. We will share how we have approached these problems by deconstructing a product roadmap with you and showcasing real examples from our experiences. Join us and learn how you can start iterating on your projects today.

This session is targeted not only to product owners and management, but also developers. It takes the engineers to capitalize on these approaches.



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