Danger: Zombie Apocalypse Ahead Presentation

This is a presentation Darin Plum and I have done. See others at Past Presentations.


Danger: Zombie Apocalypse Ahead — How you and your organizations can avoid the inevitable doomsday scenario


Whether it is indeed the Zombie Apocalypse, a game changing technology, the end of a contract, or a revolutionary new language, all software engineers and organizations have to come to grips with one thing — all software applications including our current high-priority project wielding the latest in technology will eventually meet an untimely end!

The answer to this doomsday scenario is of course Brainz! — We must take control of our own professional development and shape our organizations into intrinsically motivated cultures. This double-barreled approach will ensure we can adapt to the next challenge!

Darin Plum and Nick Tuck, CSM/CSPs and founders of the Agile for Defense meetup, team up to present innovative techniques to ensure you and your organization are ready to adapt when future challenges arise. Examples such as gamifying your organization through a Professional Development Challenge, leveraging ship-it days to foster innovation, and making servant leadership the core of your organizational structure will provide proven methods for building a motivated, zombie-free culture. Unleash the intrinsic motivation of your Brainz — don’t let the Zombies win!


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