Presenting at Prairie Code Conference in Des Moines Iowa


I will be giving a few presentations at the debut of Prarie.Code() conference 2016 in Des Moines Iowa. This is put on by the Amegala group that also does Nebraska.Code() and their goal is to bring development content to the midwest where they may not traditionally be a lot of development events. I’m excited to present 3 talks at the conference.

  1. Danger: Zombie Apocalypse Ahead — How you and your organizations can avoid the inevitable doomsday scenario
  2. Something’s Rotten in the State of Quality
  3. Stop “Iteration” Bait and Switch – Learn How to Truly Build Iteratively and Incrementally

If you are coming come say hi and lets talk quality, learning, iteration or anything else you are interested in. I’m always excited to hear about what you learned at a conference.

Hope to see you there!

(slides to be posted after)

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