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The Clean Coder: A Code of Conduct for Professional Programmers is a new book on developer professionalism from the legend Bob Martin and it doesn’t disappoint. I have read many books written by Robert (Bob) Martin or from his series. I have been very impressed with the classics and was more than ecstatic when I first got wind of The Clean Coder from the top 100 Agile Books according to the Developer Zone (great living list). This is a must read for every developer in the field of software development, regardless of your level of interest. For the hard-core developers who have read many of the popular agile and Bob Martin books there is great info in here but mostly reaffirms all of those deep, gut feelings you have about how software and web development should work. A lot of times all you need is a seasoned veteran to confirm your suspicions to help you stack on the right track.

The book discusses details including professional development practices like how Test Driven Development (TDD) is a fundamental development concept like washing hands is to a surgeon; it doesn’t need defending it just is. He also focuses heavily on your interaction with other developers, and managers. Very specific about When to say no to your managers if you can’t honestly commit, how to honestly commit to timelines and your responsibility as a professional, a paid employee, to make a commitment that everyone can trust, not the one everyone ones to hear.

It was an easy read and extremely well-organized, which made it easy for me to put a thorough set of notes together. I have already reviewed these notes multiple times while sparking conversations with co-workers about the ideas Bob suggests. I hope they help you or at least gets you to buy and read the book!

Interactive Mind Map of Clean Coder Book Notes on MindMeister

PDF – Mind Map of Clean Coder Book Notes – Fully Expanded

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